Michael Barrie - Teaching

ENG2003 ENG5205/ENGG205 COR1017

Graduate Supervision
My research encompasses morphosyntax, syntax, the syntax-semantics interface, and the syntax-prosody interface from a broad, cross-linguistic perspective within a formal, generative framework. If you are interested in studying language from this perspective please feel free to contact me.
Class Materials
Introduction to Linguistics - last update: 2023/12/20ENG2003 EDUE400
Introduction to Generative Syntax: A Cross-Linguistic Approach - last update: 2023/12/20
Intermediate Generative Syntax - Chapters 1-7 ENGG205/ENG5205
English Syntax from a Korean Perspective: From SOV to SVO - last update: 2023/04/18EDUE 411
Advanced Generative Syntax - last update: 2023/09/03ENG6205